Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Graduation Information

Hi 3Ls!

As graduation nears, there are a few things that you should consider now instead of waiting until the last minute:

1. Graduation invitations:  In addition to the invitations that will be on display next week at our Grad Fair, here are a few suggestions:

Etsy Idea #1
Etsy Idea #2
Etsy Idea #3
Purple Trail Idea #4
Zazzle Idea #5
Vista Print Idea #6

2. Hotel accommodations: Go ahead and make hotel reservations for relatives and friends from out of town:

Oxford Lodging
Batesville Lodging
Tupelo Lodging
VRBO Lodging

3. Catering/Food reservations: It is VERY difficult to get restaurant reservations in Oxford for Graduation weekend. You should start trying to make reservations now OR have your party catered:

Taylor Grocery
Party Waitin' to Happen

Be on the lookout for other graduation information via our Law Bulletin and on the Student Affairs page of our website!

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